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What we promise:
When you visit our site, we will politely ask your browser to accept a permanent “cookie” (a very small, sugar-free, healthy text file). If your browser is configured to accept cookies, it will be placed on your hard drive. We use this information to analyze where our customers come from, how they found us, what was purchased and how often they visit—and that’s it. This data is used only by Stony-Edge to enhance our customer service and personalize our product offerings. Nothing shady, sneaky or other nasty attitudes that begin with “s.”
We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology encryption as it works with the great majority of customer browsers. This technology allows your information to automatically and securely be encrypted.
Our site contains blog posts with content and possible links to manufacturers and other related sites for your benefit. Stony-Edge is not responsible for the privacy practices, security or content of such web sites.
Stony-Edge is not responsible and doesn’t guarantee results for any advice featured in our blog/post section (the advice is good…but you know…lawyers).

What we gather:
When you do business with us, you are invited to log in, so we can identify you. Newcomers will be asked to register for future identification. The registration page requests your name, a user ID, a password, and your e-mail address. You can update this information at any time by clicking on the “My Account” link at the top of every page and selecting “Edit.”
When you buy a product, you are asked to complete an order form. The order form requires the product information that’s being purchased: your name, billing address, credit card number, expiration date and CID# and telephone number to allow us to contact you if necessary. This is basic info needed to complete the purchase and deliver our services. It is used only for the benefit of Stony-Edge and you. No outside parties, no selling of info and nothing to worry about.

What we ask of you:
When you provide us information in connection with the service, you agree to provide complete and true information. You agree not to use a false or misleading name or a name that you are not authorized to use (like my mom’s). If we believe information is untrue, inaccurate or incomplete, we may refuse you access to the Service and pursue any appropriate legal remedies.
Our policy is essentially—honesty, respect and have a good day.

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